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Active Shooter / Workplace Violence Insurance

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), workplace violence is the second leading cause of work-site deaths in the US.

With recent high-profile active shooter/workplace attacks, more businesses are boosting security efforts and taking added precautions to prevent acts of violence. We understand these risks and offer a comprehensive policy to help companies respond and recover from such incidents.

Insurance Coverages Available

*Legal liability coverage with indemnity to address lawsuits resulting from a covered event

*Victim coverages related to:

  • Psychiatric care
  • Medical care or dental care
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Death Benefit/Disability coverages
  • Funeral/Burial Expenses

*Business expenses related to:

  • Business income/interruption
  • Public relations counsel
  • Crisis Consultant expenses
  • Employee counseling
  • Additional/temporary security measures

*Coverage endorsement available to provide coverage for an “offsite incident”, such as a deadly weapon attack/workplace violence event that occurs while employee is traveling on company business.

All Classes Eligible

Here are some examples:

  • Cities/Counties/Townships/Public
  • Events/Parades/Concerts/Festivals
  • Private and Public Schools/Universities
  • Churches/Synagogues Counseling
  • Retail Shops/Malls/Shopping Centers
  • Hotels/Resorts/Condominium Associations

Product / Limits

  • Primary Liability: $1MM-$25MM
  • Business Income: $1MM-$25MM
  • Property Dmage: $500,000
  • Crisis Service: $500,000
  • Counseling Expense: $500,000
  • Funeral Expense: $500,000
  • Global Crisis Coverage

Coverage Available Nationwide

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